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Wyndham’s Population Continues to Soar.


Wyndham City’s population has continued to soar, despite the Covid pandemic and reduced migration. 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently released its Estimated Resident Population report, which showed in 2020, Wyndham’s population grew by 12,687 people, or 4.7 per centto 283,294. 

There were 270,607 people residing in Wyndham in 2019, according to the ABS. 

According to the figures, Wyndham experienced the largest population increase in Victoria, ahead of the City of Casey (10,638 people), and the third largest in Australia behind Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

Wyndham also experienced faster population growth than neighbouring municipalities including Melton (4.6 per cent) Geelong (2.3 per cent) and Hobsons Bay (0.4 per cent). 


Wyndham Mayor, Cr Adele Hegedich, said it was another reason why Wyndham needed greater investment from the State and Federal Governments to assist with growth. 

“As the local government area worst hit by the pandemic in Australia, Wyndham needs Governments to invest in the future of our City,” Cr Hegedich said. 

As we transition to the pandemic recovery phase, we need substantial investment in much needed infrastructure, services and jobs. 

“As the fastest growing municipality in Victoria, we need support and assistance from all levels of government. We can’t do it alone.” 


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Cr Hegedich called on the Federal Government to continue working with State and local Governments to draft the North and West Melbourne City Deal, which will be blueprint for the region to respond to the impacts of the pandemic in the immediate and medium-term, and to reform our economy for the future. 

Investment in enhanced employment services, active transport opportunities and critical rail infrastructure, including a metro-style service, are all being sought in next month’s budgets. 

“We’re also calling on the Government to fund four new Regional Rail Link Stations at Sayers Road, Black Forest Road, Truganina and Davis Road, Cr Hegedich said. 

“Wyndham is also seeking funding for stage one of Wyndham Westlink, which would include construction of a four-lane Ison Road Bridge over the railway line, the duplication of Ballan Road and other key road projects.” 

Our population has already boomed, and we can’t sit idle while our population continues to grow at such a fast rate. We need urgent State and Federal Government support to provide much-needed rail and road options for our residents.” 

Cr Hegedich also called on the State Government to fund more schools in Wyndham to cater for the increased population. 

We’re calling on the State Government to urgently fund construction of five new schools as part of their 2021-22 Budget,” Cr Hegedich said. 

“These schools are urgently needed to meet demand in fast growing new suburbs. 

More than 100 babies are currently being born each week in Wyndham, which means we need to plan for at least three new classrooms every week just to keep pace with this ongoing boom. 

According to the ABS data, Manor Lakes, Wyndham Vale and the western growth areas grew from 45,502 residents to 49,649 residents (4,147 people, or 20.5 per cent) in 2020. 

Tarneit grew from 46,735 residents to 49,896 residents (3,161 people, or 6.8 per cent). Truganina grew from 33,167 residents to 35,816 residents (2,649 people, or 8.0 per cent). 

Point Cook grew from 62,930 residents to 64,682 residents (1,752 people, or 9.4 per cent). Werribee, including Werribee South, grew from 35,231 residents to 36,110 residents (879 people, or 6.6 per cent), while Hoppers Crossing contracted from 40,954 residents to 40,619 residents (-335 people, or -1.6 per cent). 

For more information go to: https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/about-council/wyndham-community/research-and-statistics