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VIDEO: Wyndham’s Solar City Milestone.

Koomail Tardy Community Centre

Image: Wyndham City


A major milestone has been reached in Wyndham’s Solar City project with the completion of work at the Koomail Tardy Community Centre building in Truganina.

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A total of 168 solar panels have been installed on the centre’s roof. The system is designed to generate 62.16kWp – or 79.4 MWh of clean energy annually – enough to power an average 4 person Victorian home for more than fifteen years.
The $98,700 project is expected to save around $20,000 in annual energy costs and $500,000 during the 25-year design life of the system.
The new system, which is now fully operational, will also deliver significant environmental benefits, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of about 84 Tonnes CO2 per year.