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Your Feedback Sought on a Safer Synnot Street.

Synnot Street Speed limit

Changes to Synnot Street in Werribee are proposed to address issues identified by a recent safety audit of Synnot Street.

The audit found that ‘sight lines’ were insufficient for drivers exiting car parks in a number of locations along Synnot Street, due to on-street parking spaces being located too close to driveway exits.

The audit found that to meet Australian Standards of traffic safety:

  • Under the current 60km/h speed limit, 23 parking spaces would need to be removed
  • Under a 50km/h speed limit, 16 parking spaces would need to be removed
  • Under a 40km/h speed limit, 13 parking spaces would need to be removed.

Reducing the speed limit to 50km/h and removing 16 parking spaces is the option considered by Council officers to achieve the best balance, however it is noted that this would also be subject to approval by State Government.

The removed car parks would open up visibility of oncoming traffic for drivers to more safely enter the traffic flow, and the slower speed would give drivers a gap in the traffic to enter the traffic flow and better reaction times to avoid danger.


The areas of concern were identified at four points on Synnot Street at driveways that abutted retail and service providers.

Wyndham Mayor Cr Susan McIntyre said some changes have been made in Synnot Street since 2019 to improve safety in around the Werribee City Centre.

“While l appreciate that on-street car parking is valued, safety is being compromised when cars are parked too close to certain driveways on Synnot Street.”

“As a Council we are trying to address parking availability especially when public transport doesn’t meet our residents’ and visitors’ needs,” she said.

“We’re promoting the use of parking spaces like the new Hunter Werribee multistorey public car park located at the Holiday Inn where people can park free for the first three hours.”

For more information and to provide feedback visit The Loop before consultation close on 8 January 2023 at: https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au

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